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Hey there… I’m Divesh Bhardwaj and I help entrepreneurs & Startups to launch and scale businesses with digital marketing.

In 2018 I started my firm name Everyonix Technologies with my Friend Dikshant Mehta to help small business and Entrepreneurs to go From Offline to Online Business Environment.

This is my Personal Blog Website where I will share real Stuff about online products, how-to guide, side hustle business, work with wifi life and much more.

What I teach here on my blog is based on the experiences and skills I’ve gained from growing my business from a $100 investment.

I am Graduate as Engineer Turned an Entrepreneur.

Today, my number one goal is to help to convert at least 1 Million wantpreneur (Who are trying to be an Entrepreneur) to Entrepreneur.

Enjoy… And Personal message me on my SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES if you have any questions you want to ask about the tactics or strategies covered…

I’m very happy to help clarify when needed.


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