Hi, I'm Divesh

I am an Ecommerce Business Specialist and I help Businesses, Brandss and Entrepreneurs to Scale their Business up to 7+ Figures.

I also teach highly advanced (proven) eCommerce strategies & tactics.

I started my entrepreneurship journey when I was in college with my friend Dikshant Mehta. We started our journey with $100 dollars. We tried many startup ideas, businesses as you know failure is the first step to success, as a result, we failed in multiple businesses still NO REGRET because we love what we are doing. Now we are where we want.

My Entrepreneur journey starts from a Blogging Site. While doing blogging I realise that I have to increase my Skill because skills make you RICH. Then I also Tried Freelancing parallel with Blogging. And getting a good response from there but not too good to be rich.


I started my Ecommerce Product selling business in 2018 and Scale it. After Reaching a good amount of revenue I sell that e-commerce store within 7 Figures Price Point. The product I am selling on that Ecommerce store is a product as the solution of some kind of problem in Partential Niche.

And On the Same Year

In 2018, I and my Friend Decided to start a Digital Service Agency. to help Business owners and new Entrepreneurs with our Strategies and Solution.

We helped more than 100+ Ecommerce Startups to scale next level.

Professionally I am Ecommece Marketing Specialist and I help Ecommerce Brands and Businesses to scale 7+ Figures.

And Due to these enough Success, I decided to Launch my Own Coaching Program To Help like-minded Entrepreneurs and Brands with my high end proven strategies to achieve the great results they are looking for.

Stick around and I’ll teach you everything I know.

If you need any help just DM on Instagram/Linkedin/Facebook @thedivesh.

How will I Consult You?

6 Months Ongoing Consultation

This will be a 6-month ongoing Consultation Program where I will personally work with you and your team to help them achieve a specific set of goals, be it Ecommerce Sales, Brand Value, conversions, etc.

12 Week Ongoing Consulting

This will be a 12 Weeks 1:1 Ecommerce  Coaching Program where I will personally mentor you weekly over a 2-hour Zoom Video Call and share the strategies and action items you need to do for that particular week using my proprietary systems.

2 Hour Custom Ecommerce strategy session

I will give you a 2 Hour Video Consultation on Your Ecommerce Business, where I will personally consult you on how to get started and grow your dream Ecommerce business using my marketing & sales strategies. And Give your Solution to your Ecommerce Business.

35 Days Group Mentorship Program

In the group program, I will mentor and consult you. How you can start an Ecommerce Business From Scratch. An Ecommerce Business can be Print on demand, Any Merchandise business, One product Ecommerce business, Multi-Product Ecommerce etc. 

Don’t Take My Word For It.

Here My Clients Results


Yes absolutely. It is designed for both aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners.

Only Laptop, Good Internet Connection, Will to Succeed & Me =)

My Fees for varies for each services. For more details, please book a qualification call with me on MY 45 FREE MINUTE CONSULTING CALL.

I accept payments via Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal, Stripe, Debit Card, Credit Card, BHIM UPI, Google Pay The link will be shared after booking your first call with me.