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Ecommerce Statistics You Can’t Ignore


Retail Ecommerce sales worldwide in 2022 (T-Trillion)


Ecommerce User Worldwide


Ecommerce traffic comes from Google


Ecommerce Stores in the world


Visits to Ecommerce are made on mobile devices


of Gen Z use social media for shopping

How will we Rescue your Ecommerce Business?

Modern Shopify Design Store

All Mandatory Pages

Payment Integration

Google Friendly Store

Optimize Product pages


Store Email System

Optimized Social Media​

Tracking Integration

High-Speed Design

Ecommerce Marketing

Your Product Guidance

Omichannel Marketing

Marketing Guidance

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How to generate Free Sales using Reels & Shorts

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Facebook Reels

Instagram Reels

Pinterest Reels

Youtube Shorts

Ecommerce Sales Cheatsheets

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1 Hour One to One Consulting

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Ecommerce Retargeting Strategy

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100% Ownership of the Business

All of the assets belong to YOU. Think of us as a hardworking part of your team.

No Complicated Contracts

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Steve Jobs. We don’t require you to sign any complex contracts or paperwork.

Fast Service & Support System

We have 5+ years of Experience in Ecommerce Business we know everything in and out.

5 Day Timeline

Day 0
Google Meeting
About Your Ecommerce Business

Discussion for Your Ecommerce Store, About you and About myself. We will talk about the product you are going to sell, Competition, Market size and much more.

Day 1
Store Designing
Start Store Development

One to one conversation about Domain Name, Hosting, and Store Designing, Providing Login credentials, Social Media Credentials. It is a 3-day process to finish.

Day 2
Review Store
Live Store Review on Meeting

Live Testing Ecommerce Store With You with Demo Checkout Process, Store functions and a few more things like showing what we optimized on your social media pages.

Day 3
3rd Bonus
1 Hour Consulting

Bonus 3rd - One to One Ecommerce Consulting, how to manage Store, how to do marketing, how to convert visitors into Customers,  marketing strategy, much more and You are allowed to ask me anything.

Day 4
Your Opinion on Finished Store

After launching your ecommerce store Live we take your opinion about our work, how it works, how its looks, and our marketing strategy.

Day 5
Give You All Bouses Access

Provide You with Bonuses Access Bonus 1, Bonus 2, Bonus 4 and Don’t Share with others.


Get this Offer Now $2999

Rescue Your Ecommerce Store in 5 Days

Step 1
Click On "Start your Store"

Pay the Fees 

Step 2
Confirmation Form
Wait After Payment

You, Will, Redirect to the Calendar for Scheduling the Call.

Step 3
First Meeting
Fill the Form

Fill Out the Form With Honest Answer So, I can understand your situation and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please write to us at (Give us 12 working hours to respond back). My awesome support team will get back to you.

Once purchased you will redirect to a form. After filling that form. We will schedule a Google meeting for Day 0-Day 5

No, you don’t need any degree or any kind of expertise. Only you have to run your Ecommerce Store Like a Business.

No, Domain Name & Hosting price you have to Pay. Domain Price – is $10 and Hosting Shopify is $29/month. The domain name we will discuss at the meeting if you haven’t buy yet.

We will create them for you at zero cost.

The full Package cost $2999. If you are getting any kind of discount Buy It now otherwise Price will back to the regular price.

There is no limit to how much someone can make money in Ecommerce Business. Amazon is worth more than 1 .4 Trillion dollar,

If you are a new brand and want to launch an eCommerce store to sell products online, If your store not getting any sales, if you want to relaunch your store, If you want to launch a new eCommerce store, If you want to start a new side hustle to replace your 9-5 job, If you want multiple Income streams, there is no limit.

Here is the contact form, Email Id –, my social media Instagram/Facebook/ @thedivesh

Running an E-Commerce store has a huge learning curve. You’ll need to test several strategies, be willing to fail multiple times and be prepared to burn money in the initial years of running your store.

You’ll need to be constantly on your toes – Learning, Negotiating with vendors, and troubleshooting customer queries.

With us, you can remove the failures and testing phase you are simply offloading all the work to us that is brutally good at Launching Your Profitable Eommerce Store.

Modern Shopify Design Store

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to open an online store and sell their goods. With Shopify POS, merchants can also sell their products in person.
Shopify is becoming the most popular eCommerce platform for companies of all sizes. Shopify has you covered whether you sell online, on social media, in a store, or out of the trunk of your vehicle.

All Mandatory Pages

Homepage, Category Page, Product Page, Search & Search Results, Login/Create Account Page, Cart, Guest Checkout, My Order, Returns, Help/Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy. 

Payment Integration

Payment – PayPal & Stripe both include all payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card, credit card, debit card.

Google Friendly Store

On your sites, especially your homepage, include high-quality content. This is the most critical action to take. Your pages’ content will attract numerous people and entice webmasters to connect to your site if they include relevant information. Write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic while developing a helpful, information-rich site. Consider the terms that users would use to reach your pages and incorporate them on your site.

Optimize Product pages

An optimized product page is simply one that is designed not only to be found via search engines, but also convert visitor into buyers.


Mobile Responsive Design

When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds to the size of the screen on which it is displayed.

A responsive website adapts itself to the device you’re using to see it.


The purpose of ecommerce copywriting is to properly describe the benefits of your products while also assisting in the improvement of your online store’s search engine rankings. To be effective, you must be an excellent communicator, persuade with words, promote your brand’s voice, and grasp the psychology of what motivates customers to buy.

Store Email System

Basic all types of automated Email setup for your store. With Multiple Email Templates for your store.

Optimized Social Media​

It includes specifying which material works best for your Store on social media networks and then replicating that success. It’s a lot easier to say than it is to do. To do so, we’ll work out what kind of material your audience wants, analyse where you fit in the social media world, and then put our strategy into action (and then analyze). It’s likely that you’re familiar with the concept of search engine optimization (SEO). What is the main point of comparison? The objective is to attract more people to see your material.

Tracking Integration

Advertisers need tracking integration because it allows them to acquire valuable data for site analytics, internet marketing, and email marketing. They will be able to understand where they are doing wrong, how to improve, and how to maximise their expenditure with the information they have gathered.

High-Speed Design

Slow waiter service typically leads to negative Yelp ratings and fewer future customers when a customer sits down to eat at a restaurant. Slow site speed can also lead to poorer total site traffic, fewer search engine rankings, and bad user experiences. You will get High speed store.

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