We Bring Customers To Our Clients Through Social Media Marketing.

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The perfect mix of Social Media channels to grow your Business.

No more boring ad creative...

Don’t make the mistake of using awful ad creative on social media. You need to stand out on the news feed.

Our team will create popping, conversion-focused, on-brand image and video ads. All are included in our retainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please write to us at hello@thedivesh.com (Give us 12 working hours to respond back). My awesome support team will get back to you.

Once purchased you will redirect to a form. After filling that form. We will schedule a Google meeting for Day 0-Day 5

No, you don’t need any degree or any kind of expertise. Only you have to run your Ecommerce Store Like a Business.

No, Domain Name & Hosting price you have to Pay. Domain Price – is $10 and Hosting Shopify is $29/month. The domain name we will discuss at the meeting if you haven’t buy yet.

We will create them for you at zero cost.

The full Package cost $2999. If you are getting any kind of discount Buy It now otherwise Price will back to the regular price.

There is no limit to how much someone can make money in Ecommerce Business. Amazon is worth more than 1 .4 Trillion dollar,

If you are a new brand and want to launch an eCommerce store to sell products online, If your store not getting any sales, if you want to relaunch your store, If you want to launch a new eCommerce store, If you want to start a new side hustle to replace your 9-5 job, If you want multiple Income streams, there is no limit.

Here is the contact form, Email Id – hello@thedivesh.com, my social media Instagram/Facebook/ @thedivesh

Running an E-Commerce store has a huge learning curve. You’ll need to test several strategies, be willing to fail multiple times and be prepared to burn money in the initial years of running your store.

You’ll need to be constantly on your toes – Learning, Negotiating with vendors, and troubleshooting customer queries.

With us, you can remove the failures and testing phase you are simply offloading all the work to us that is brutally good at Launching Your Profitable Eommerce Store.

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